Im Lab members

Sarah Curtis (Class of 2020)

I am a senior biology major from Boston, Massachusetts. My research interrogates how disruptions in underlying biological pathways can lead to chronic pain conditions and sleep disruptions, and how these two pathways relate to one another.
When I am not flipping my trays and trays of fly stocks, I am taking dance classes at Bryn Mawr College, or working at an urban farm in west Philadelphia. 

Harika Dabbara (Class of 2020)

 I am currently a senior biology major and psychology minor at Haverford. After college, I hope to go to medical school and am interested in public health. My main research project has been looking at how diabetes affects pain hypersensitivity using various pain modalities in D. melanogaster. My senior thesis will dig deeper into the insulin signaling pathway and look at cellular level changes in diabetic D. melanogaster. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy volunteering at a needle exchange program in Philadelphia and leading the Women in STEM club on campus. 

Megan Furch (Class of 2020)

I am currently a senior biology major and religion minor at Haverford, and I am also on the women’s basketball team. I am excited to be doing my thesis within Drosophila neurobiology. I plan of focusing on neuropathy and pain pathways in the fruit fly central nervous system. This summer I was privileged enough to work in the Mosca lab at Thomas Jefferson University. This lab also focuses on Drosophila neurobiology, mainly in the central nervous system, and how different genes affect synapse development. I plan on eventually going on to veterinary school.

Arielle Schultz (Class of 2020)

I am a senior Biology major and Health Studies minor at Haverford College. My past project in the Im lab focused on modeling diabetic neuropathy in drosophila and examining the role insulin receptors play in nociception. Currently, I am investigating how pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK) and it’s role in cellular respiration are tied to pain sensitization. After graduation, I plan to apply to medical school and become a doctor Outside of the lab, I’m a peer tutor, and spend my free time crocheting, baking, and walking around the nature trail. 


I am a junior biology major and neuroscience and health studies minor at Haverford. Once I graduate I hope to go to medical school and become a practicing physician. I am very interested in the brain and am fascinated by how it works, so I am so excited to be a part of the Im lab using Drosophila as a model for neurobiology. Outside of lab and school work, I am a captain of the club crew team here at Haverford, a PLTL leader, and I enjoy listening to music (especially classic rock) in my free time. 

Sarah evanson (class of 2021)

I am a junior from Corning, NY. Surprising everyone (including myself) I decided to major in sociology– just a slight change from my original plan: biophysics. I am currently hoping to pursue both physical therapy and medical sociology professionally. I have always loved biology and doing research, and is very excited to be joining the Im lab. In my free time, I practice on the tennis courts or FaceTime my two dogs. I am also a baking enthusiast and known among friends and family for my decadent cakes.

Yifan Zhang (Class of 2021)

I am a junior anthropology and biology major from Nanjing, China. Broadly, I am interested in how molecules regulate morphology and behaviors. I am also interested in the interaction between individuals and the population. My favorite lab chore is flipping fly vials. Outside the lab, I am a scientific scuba diver and Grey’s Anatomy fan.

Yuval LUria (Class of 2022)

I am a Sophomore Biology major and Religion minor at Haverford College. I am interested in working in the medical field and look forward to applying my studies from both Biology and Religion into the medical field. I am also excited to gain more hands-on experience conducting research in the lab. Outside of class, I love to knit, sew, and play the saxophone. ” 

Karma Yang (Class of 2022)

I am a second year student at Haverford College and an intended Biology major on the pre-med track. My goal is to become either a practicing physician or enter into research in the biomedical sciences. Outside of academics, I enjoy horse riding, reading, and volunteering at the local EMS station.